20.11.2020 : A trace from Moving in November in Helsinki

It has been so wonderful to take part in the festival Moving in November in Helsinki, which managed despite all odds to remain an international program, even if that meant major adaptations… and quarantine days for the artists participating…

On Nov 13 and 14, I presented an adapted version of Tribute, the piece I have made for Weld company. Instead of the nine dancers on stage, I was alone, jumping from one role to another. The piece was augmented by a recored text that I wrote, navigating in between questions about dance, AIDS, the current situation and ageing. I will soon make it available here.

In the meanwhile, here is the link to a conversation between Kerstin Schroth (artistic director of the festival) and me, on Tribute: a written conversation on Tribute 


13.11.2020 : Penumbral dances – public service

November 16-25

Due to the current situation, instead of repeating another round of Unclouded dances at Frank in Malmö, I am happy to offer a 25 minutes dance for one spectator at a time (with the possibility of being accompanied by a friend), in the outdoor entrance space of Frank. It has a roof, but it is completely open to the street, so it is even safer than going grocery shopping and it fits the current restrictions in Sweden.

Sessions are everyday at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. It is mandatory to reserve and it is free of charge.

To book your session, please contact us here, giving your name, phone number and the day and time you wish to attend.

Address: FRANK Ahlmansgatan 3, 214 27 Malmö

04.08.2020 : Premiere of Warriors: Chiron in Aries, Recital #1

We are happy to announce that the premiere of Warriors: Chiron in Aries, Recital #1 will take place on Sept 11-12 at Inkonst, Malmö. Followed by:

Sept 25-27 at Skogen, Gothenburg

Oct 2-4 at Weld, Stockholm

picture: Thomas Zamolo

06.05.2020 : away from social media

Dance is ancient and Frédéric Gies are leaving Facebook and Instagram to enjoy, play with and rejoice in old school ways of communicating and reaching audiences. If you want to know (more or less) regularly about our activities, please contact us!

pic by Thomas Zamolo

04.01.2020 : 2020

picture: Malin Stattin

Happy new year!

2019 has been such an exciting year, full of dance, techno and magic: premiering Queens Of The Fauns, Unclouded Dances, Seven Extravaganzas, Dad & Son #2 (Ribbon Dance) and Uranus (with the BA students at DDSKS); touring Ribbon Dance, Dance Is Ancient, Walk+Talk, Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere and Tribute (with Weld company); giving Technosomatics sessions.

65 days of performance in total.

Here is a glimpse of 2020:

In January, Dance Is Ancient will go to Berlin at the CTM festival. We will perform in Saüle at Berghain/Panoramabar. I will also give a Technosomatics workshop in the same frame at HAU2.

In February, Tribute (the piece I have made for Weld company) will also come to Berlin, invited by Staatsballett in the frame of Staatsballett Kreativ at Tishlerei der Deutschen Oper.

Nominated by the CTM festival, I have been selected as one of the artists of SHAPE (platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe) for 2020.

Together with Anne Juren, I will also be mentor for danceWeb at Impultanz.

From March onwards, I will be slowly preparing for the premiere of my next piece: Chiron In Aries, Recital #1: Warriors. This will be the first piece of a cycle that will extend till 2023. The premiere will take place at Inkonst in Malmö in September.

More dates will be announced as we move forward into 2020.



Dates January + February:

  • January 29: Technosomatics at the CTM festival, HAU2, Berlin
  • January 30: Dance Is Ancient at the CTM festival, Saüle at Berghain/Panoramabar, Berlin
  • February 21-23: Tribute (Weld company) at Staatsballett Kreativ, Tishlerei der Deutschen Oper, Berlin

18.11.2019 : Unclouded dances in Malmö at Frank

Unclouded dances is coming now to Malmö, from November 23 till 29.

Unclouded dances is a performance/ritual for one spectator at a time, in an intimate setting. To the techno beats by Fiedel, Fréderic Gies offers a dance conceived as a journey that invites the spectator to dive into the most delicate and tenuous details and to experience the spiritual and healing dimensions of the act of dancing.

Book your session by calling 0701628767

The performance/ritual is 60 min long. Session can take place afternoons and evenings. Free admission.

Address: FRANK Alhmansgatan 3, Malmö


Dance, props, set: Frédéric Gies / Music: Fiedel /Dress: Grzegorz Matlag / With the support of Kulturrådet / Coproduced by Weld and Skogen


15.10.2019 : Unclouded dances at Skog

Unclouded dances will be in Gothenburg at Skogen, from October 22 till November 3.

Book your session here


10.10.2019 : Premiere of Seven Extravaganzas

October 10+11, in the frame of Pass.hall

In Stockholm, Farsta at The Hall by CCAP

More information about Seven Extravaganzas: here

09.09.2019 : Newsletter September 2019

After a summer full of dances at Impulstanz, Roskilde festival and Dans.hallen, this fall will not allow our legs to rest. 

In particular, I am exited to announce Seven Extravaganzas, our last premiere of the year (yes, it’s the 5th one since last December!). For Seven Extravaganzas, Anne Juren, Anna Koch, Hokuto Kodama, Benoît Lachambre, Andrea Svensson and Elizabeth Ward will join forces with me to raise high the flag of a voluptuous dance. 

– Sept 11 / RAS / Stavanger: Queens Of The Fauns

– Oct 10-11 / Danshallen / Farsta: Seven Extravaganzas (premiere)

– Oct 12-13 / Dansehallerne / Copenhagen: Tribute (with Weld Company)

Cliffhanger: Two series of Unclouded dances will take place later in the fall at Skogen in Gothenburg and at Frank in Malmö.


24.06.2019 : Summer tour

August 23+24/ Festival Danshall at Hallen i Farsta / Farsta, Sweden: Tribute ( with Weld company)

August 22-25 / Festival Danshall at Hallen i Farsta / Farsta, Sweden: Dance is ancient (excavated)

July 28 / Impulstanz / Vienna, Austria: Walk+Talk

July 22-26 / Impulstanz / Vienna, Austria: Technosomatics

July 19/ Exhibition Dance of urgency at Q21 in collaboration with Impulstanz /Vienna, Austria: Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere

July 4 / Roskilde Festival / Roskilde, Denmark: Ribbon dance