10.10.2019 : Premiere of Seven Extravaganzas

October 10+11, in the frame of Pass.hall

In Stockholm, Farsta at The Hall by CCAP

More information about Seven Extravaganzas: here

09.09.2019 : Newsletter September 2019

After a summer full of dances at Impulstanz, Roskilde festival and Dans.hallen, this fall will not allow our legs to rest. 

In particular, I am exited to announce Seven Extravaganzas, our last premiere of the year (yes, it’s the 5th one since last December!). For Seven Extravaganzas, Anne Juren, Anna Koch, Hokuto Kodama, Benoît Lachambre, Andrea Svensson and Elizabeth Ward will join forces with me to raise high the flag of a voluptuous dance. 

– Sept 11 / RAS / Stavanger: Queens Of The Fauns

– Oct 10-11 / Danshallen / Farsta: Seven Extravaganzas (premiere)

– Oct 12-13 / Dansehallerne / Copenhagen: Tribute (with Weld Company)

Cliffhanger: Two series of Unclouded dances will take place later in the fall at Skogen in Gothenburg and at Frank in Malmö.


24.06.2019 : Summer tour

August 23+24/ Festival Danshall at Hallen i Farsta / Farsta, Sweden: Tribute ( with Weld company)

August 22-25 / Festival Danshall at Hallen i Farsta / Farsta, Sweden: Dance is ancient (excavated)

July 28 / Impulstanz / Vienna, Austria: Walk+Talk

July 22-26 / Impulstanz / Vienna, Austria: Technosomatics

July 19/ Exhibition Dance of urgency at Q21 in collaboration with Impulstanz /Vienna, Austria: Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere

July 4 / Roskilde Festival / Roskilde, Denmark: Ribbon dance

04.06.2019 : Technosomatics @TanZregress


June 8:  Technosomatics session at TanZregress, the closing party of Tanzkongress in Dresden, hosted by the Lecken crew at objekt klein a.



07.05.2019 : Unclouded dances @Weld

The first edition of Unclouded dances is taking place May 7-18 at Weld in Stockholm.

Unclouded dances is a performance/ritual for one spectator at a time, which addresses the spiritual and healing dimensions of the act of dancing.

On May 11, Frédéric Gies will also host a Technosomatics session

Booking: www.weld.se

Dance, props and lights: Frédéric Gies

Music: Fiedel

Frédéric Gies is dressed by Grzeorrz Matlag

Coproduced by Weld and Skogen

With the support of Kulturrådet

24.04.2019 : A response to Dad & Son #2 (Ribbon dance)

Lovely words on Dad & Son #2 (Ribbon dance), which we just presented at DOCK 11 in Berlin.

A TRIBUTE TO TECHNO, by Beatrix Joyce (Tanzschreiber)

14.03.2019 : Premiere of Uranus

The premiere of Uranus, the piece I have made for the dance and choreography students graduating from DDSKS, will take place on March 15 at 19:00. Subsequent shows: March 16-17 + March 19-23.


19.01.2019 : Reviews of Queens Of The Fauns



13.01.2019 : Premiere: Queens Of The Fauns

January 18-20

Queens Of The Fauns at Skogen

07.12.2018 : Premiere: Tribute

December 7-9

Tribute (piece for Weld Company) at Weld