(2019) premiere March 15-23 at DDSKS

Graduation piece for the 4th year dance and choreography students at DDSKS

Uranus is the 7th planet of our solar system. Its axis differs from all the other planets: it is tilted and the planet rotates almost entirely on its side. But Uranus is also more than this. It was a gay rave in Stockholm that ran over two years from spring 2016 onwards. In astrology, Uranus is the planet of sudden, unpredictable change, breakthroughs and upheaval. It breaks structures and rules. As the queer feminist astrologer Chani Nicholas puts it: Uranus is the goddess of I don’t give a f*ck. The planet takes 84 years to orbit around the sun, and it transits for seven years in each sign of the Zodiac. For this reason, its influence is also affecting us generationally. On March 6, 2019, it leaves Aries to spend the next Seven years in Taurus.

While the piece is not about astrology, I chose to take what Uranus features and what it represents in astrology as a guideline for composition. Sudden changes during long transits, tilted axis, radical shifts: the astrological (and astronomical) characteristics of the planet permeate the dances of Uranus.

Uranus is also not foreign to the gay rave I used to attend in Stockholm, as it brings techno and the dance floor to the stage. As well as unexpected dances.

Choreography: Frédéric Gies

Dancers: Thjerza Balaj, Angela Bundalovic, Paolo de Venecia Gile, Sara Grotenfelt, Andreas Haglund, Antonia Harke, Vivian Põldoja, Kalliopi Siganou, Tobias Sköld, Evita Tsakalaki, Amalie Bergstein, Ágnes Grélinger, Julia Müllner, Jon Andreas Hoff, Camilla Lind

Music: Fiedel

Lighting design: Turpin Napoleon Djurhuus