(2019) Premiere May 7-18  at Weld

Unclouded dances is a performance/ritual for one spectator at a time, in an intimate setting. It addresses the spiritual dimension of dance and its relationship to healing. The spectator is guided by Frédéric Gies through different ritualized actions that all together lead to a dance that they offer. To the techno beats composed by Fiedel, Fréderic Gies’ trancelike dance invites the spectator to dive into the most delicate and tenuous details of movement and to experience the spiritual dimensions of the act of dancing. Unclouded dances makes room for a dreamlike and poetic journey in the worlds and landscapes taking shape through the gestures, steps, rhythms, currents, vibrations and frequencies that are offered to experience.

Dance, props, set: Frédéric Gies

Music: Fiedel

Dress: Grzegorz Matlag

With the support of Kulturrådet

Coproduced by Weld and Skogen

With the support of Kulturrådet

Administration: the artists cooperative Interim Kultur

Production: Frida Alkestrand Christensen