walk+talk in Poznan, video documentation, 2017

walk+talk is a lecture performance series initiated by the Austrian choreographer and dancer Philipp Gehmacher in 2008. In walk+talks choreographers are invited to create a solo work that makes the moving and talking run parallel. The topic is the artists’ concepts, the individual understanding of their body-in-motion and the history of their practice. Over twenty artists have participated in five editions of the project that have taken place in Vienna, Brussels, Stockholm, Reykyavik, Berlin and Poznań by far.

I had the pleasure to be invited twice to participate in walk+talk series by Philipp Gehmacher: in Stockholm in December 2013 and in Poznań in June 2017. The two versions are radically different: the first could be qualified as introvert, the second as extrovert. Between the two version, my work went through important changes, reconnecting to buried parts of my pathway with dance and putting to the forefront my relationship to techno music and clubbing. Nevertheless, despite the difference between the two version, the first is clearly announcing the second.

In the 2017 version, I share with the audience a catalogue of dances, key moments and encounters that took place since I started to work as a dancer when I was nineteen years old, twenty-six years ago. They deeply marked me and evoke the bodily, sensorial, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the act of dancing. This walk+talk is also a tribute to dancers without whom I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today.


Dance : Frédéric Gies and many dancers

Text : Frédéric Gies

coaching: Philipp Gehmacher
produced by: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

walk+talk in Stockholm, video documentation 2013

On walk+talk 2013: Walking and talking, more or less, by Erik Bryngelsson