(2019) Premiere Jan 18-20 at Skogen, Gothenburg


Video documentation (password on request)


Queens Of The Fauns is a duet danced by Frédéric Gies and Elizabeth Ward, which dialogues with a keystone in dance history: The Afternoon Of A Faun by Nijinsky. To the techno beats of a live set by the dj Fiedel, the two dancers develop a dance conceived as an incantation in which the mythological figures of the faun and of the nymph merge. While leaving the tradition of ballet to create an experimental dance form was central to Nijinsky’s project, their voluptuous dance collapses the distinction between erudite and popular, traditional and experimental forms of dance, creating a poetics of movement and embodiment in which various opposites coexists, dissolve, unite or merge into one another. Queens Of The Fauns also echoes the sexual load of The Afternoon Of A Faun, as the dance and the dancer’s bodies are saturated with sensuality. Nevertheless, this dance escapes the paradigm of the hunter and the hunted present in Nijinsky’s piece and proposes another economy of relationships.


Concept and score: Frédéric Gies

Dance: Frédéric Gies and Elizabeth Ward

Music: Fiedel

Set design: Anton Stoianov

Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo

Costumes: Grzegorz Matlag/Maldoror

Makeup (prints for set design): Mario Mendez

Pictures (prints for set design): Yusuf Etiman

Coproduction: Weld and Skogen

With the support of Kulturrådet, Konstnärnsämnden and Inkonst

Administration: the artists cooperative Interim Kultur

Production: Mira Mutka and Frédéric Gies