Frédéric Gies + Fiedel – 2015 and 2019


Ribbon dance makes manifest the drives and forces that set off bodies or things in movement and the movement potential to self-generate, like a motor activated by its own energy. Although it inevitably communicate something else, this celebratory dance doesn’t seek to communicate anything but itself and the subterraneous currents that traverse it. Dancing to the beats of a techno set by Fiedel (Berghain-Ostgut ton), Frédéric Gies surrenders sensually and joyfully to these currents and forces and to the ways the two objects they handle (a ribbon and a chair) change the texture of their body.

Dance: Frédéric Gies / DJ: Fiedel / Ribbon ready made: Anton Stoianov / Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo/ Research collaborator: Carla Bottiglieri / Thanks to: Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, Cristina Caprioli /

Production: Weld

The first stage version of Ribbon dance was created at Weld in 2015. A second version, for other spaces than a stage and including a participatory part was created in 2019 at the Roskilde Festival.

Ribbon dance was presented at Weld (Stockholm, Sweden – 2015+2016), Skogen (Gothenburg, Sweden), Dansehallerne (Copenhagen, Sweden), Sunday Run_up (Stockholm, Sweden), Roskilde festival (Roskilde, Denmark)

Duration: 60 minutes

Video documentation Ribbon dance