Frédéric Gies + Fiedel + Anton Stoianov + Thomas Zamolo  – 2016


DANCE IS ANCIENT is a durational performance that is a club night and a club night that is a performance, for which the dancer and choreographer Frédéric Gies collaborates with the dj Fiedel, the visual artist Anton Stoianov and the lighting designer Thomas Zamolo. To the infectious techno beats of Fiedel, Frédéric Gies inhabits the dance floor and all adjacent spaces as a faunlike, panic figure. Dancing non-stop during the whole performance, he acts as a catalyst for the audience’s dance and trance. Eliciting and unleashing the fathomless and primal forces that traverse the depths of dancing bodies, Frédéric Gies also serves a whole history of dance, summoning up ghosts of dancers, from Nijinski, to Isadora Duncan and Dominique Bagouet, and collapsing the difference between ballet, club dance and folk dances. Intensifying all together the bodily, perceptual, sensual, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the experience of dancing, DANCE IS ANCIENT brings the magic of the dance floor to its highest levels.

DANCE IS ANCIENT has been presented in different contexts from electronic music festival to contemporary art museum, club, dance and performance venue and festival:

Inkonst (Malmö, Sweden); Norbergfestival (Norberg, Sweden); Serralves – museum of contemporary art (Poro, Portugal); Weld (Stockholm, Sweden); Röda Sten- in cooperation with Skogen (Gothenburg, Sweden); Malta festival (Poznan, Poland); Zürich Moves Festival (Zürich, Switzerland), Festival Dans.hall by CCAP (Farsta, Sweden). UPCOMING: Dance Is Ancient at the CTM festival in Saüle at Berghain/Panoramabar.

The performance is 7 hours long (possible variations on request, from 4 hours up to 10 hours).


Dance: Frédéric Gies / DJ: Fiedel / Sculpture: Anton Stoianov / Lights: Thomas Zamolo

Funded by the Swedish Arts Council, coproduced by Weld and Skogen, with the support of Röda Sten

Administration: The Artist Cooperative Interim Kultur

Pictures in the gallery: Thomas Zamolo


Video documentation