Premiere: At the bottom left corner + Ribbon dance



At the bottom left corner + Ribbon dance

Frédéric Gies & Anna Pehrsson with Fiedel

March 28 at 19:00

March 29 at 18:00 (!)

at Weld


At the bottom left corner

Dance: Frédéric Gies and Anna Pehrsson

DJ: Fiedel

Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo

Tights: Such a Sally


Ribbon dance

Dance: Frédéric Gies

DJ: Fiedel

Research collaborator: Carla Bottiglieri

Ribbon ready made: Anton Stoianov

Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo

Thanks to: Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, Cristina Caprioli

Special thanks to: a techno and dance lover called Slaven Rupic, dancers from Senegal whose names remain unknown, a dancer from the US called Trisha Brown


Frédéric Gies and Anna Perhsson invite you to a 2h44min evening of dance, infused with the contagious beats of the techno set created by Fiedel for the occasion. During this evening, Anna and Frédéric will dance their At the bottom left corner, and Frédéric his Ribbon dance.

Both dances, which are dances of the in-between (in-between bodies, objects and histories) make manifest in two different yet connected ways the drives and forces that set off bodies or things in movement and the movement potential to self-generate, like a motor activated by its own energy. Although they inevitably communicate something else, these dances don’t seek to communicate anything but themselves and the subterraneous currents that traverse them.

Ribbon dance is part of Frédéric Gies research project “Bad girls practices: un-writing dance, the body and the choir”, which he currently develops at DOCH-UNIARTS.

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