Newsletter June 2022

Dear all


A lot of dance happening in Stockholm in June!


On June 2 (followed by shows on June 3 and 4), I will premiere a new solo, Shadowboxing, in the frame of a shared evening in which Fanni Ijäs will present her solo Nights don’t have names. In 2021, I was invited to mentor Fanni, in the frame of a residence programme by SITE and MARC. It was followed by an invitation from SITE to both of us, to make works in a shared evening. Fanni comes from house dance and you know where I come from. In our respective solos, we both invite to look at and experience the dancefloor, with the dancer and the dance as the main focus. 


In Shadowboxing, I state that club dance is way more than just dancing around and take it as a vast field of movement and poetic experimentation. I have the pleasure to work again with my long-term and much loved collaborators: Fiedel, who composed an exhilarating live set (we are also celebrating our 9th anniversary of collaboration); Thomas Zamolo and his sharp and magic lights; Grzegorz Matlag, who crafted the magnificent costume (see above). 


The week after, from June 8 to 12, I will participate in the festival Five tender days at Weld with more dances and a Technosomatics workshop. Check out the programme!


Last but not least, more dance will come in June, July and in the fall: classes at Danscentrum Syd in Malmö, Technosomatics and a research project with Anne Juren at Impulstanz, Terpsichore in Scorpio – Deposition + Hope: Chiron in Aries, Recital #2 at RAS in Stavanger, the premiere of my new group piece Barricades and Legacies: Chiron in Aries, Recital #3 at Inkonst and Weld and Dance is ancient 2022 – Malmö edition. 


I hope you are well and hope to see you at these occasions. 






– Shadowboxing / June 2-4 / SITE / Farsta (Stockholm)

– Festival Five tender days / June 8-12 / Weld / Stockholm