picture: Malin Stattin

Happy new year!

2019 has been such an exciting year, full of dance, techno and magic: premiering Queens Of The Fauns, Unclouded Dances, Seven Extravaganzas, Dad & Son #2 (Ribbon Dance) and Uranus (with the BA students at DDSKS); touring Ribbon Dance, Dance Is Ancient, Walk+Talk, Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere and Tribute (with Weld company); giving Technosomatics sessions.

65 days of performance in total.

Here is a glimpse of 2020:

In January, Dance Is Ancient will go to Berlin at the CTM festival. We will perform in Saüle at Berghain/Panoramabar. I will also give a Technosomatics workshop in the same frame at HAU2.

In February, Tribute (the piece I have made for Weld company) will also come to Berlin, invited by Staatsballett in the frame of Staatsballett Kreativ at Tishlerei der Deutschen Oper.

Nominated by the CTM festival, I have been selected as one of the artists of SHAPE (platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe) for 2020.

Together with Anne Juren, I will also be mentor for danceWeb at Impultanz.

From March onwards, I will be slowly preparing for the premiere of my next piece: Chiron In Aries, Recital #1: Warriors. This will be the first piece of a cycle that will extend till 2023. The premiere will take place at Inkonst in Malmö in September.

More dates will be announced as we move forward into 2020.



Dates January + February:

  • January 29: Technosomatics at the CTM festival, HAU2, Berlin
  • January 30: Dance Is Ancient at the CTM festival, Saüle at Berghain/Panoramabar, Berlin
  • February 21-23: Tribute (Weld company) at Staatsballett Kreativ, Tishlerei der Deutschen Oper, Berlin